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The Trefoil system is a full-arch restoration procedure that utilizes self-adjusting mechanisms and only 3 implant posts to fully restore a smile.


About Trefoil

Nobel Biocare has been a leader of innovative full-arch solutions for over 50 years and has achieved another breakthrough: Trefoil. This new system uses a revolutionary self-adjusting fixation mechanism and only 3 implants to fully restore an arch of teeth. The Trefoil system makes a full-arch restoration a real possibility for more patients.

Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery is one of the first oral surgery practices in the state of California to offer this incredible full-arch solution.

A fixed full-arch implant solution

There are many advantages to fixed solutions compared to fixed removables when it comes to implant-supported treatment options. A fixed prosthesis is often more comfortable than a removable one, and many patients find the ease and convenience of them a remarkable benefit. Fixed solutions also improve function with a higher bite force, better retention and stability, and don’t need to be removed or specially cleaned separately from the other teeth.

How does Trefoil work?

The Trefoil treatment concept combines the elements of fewer surgical steps, high success rates, and high patient satisfaction to result in definitive teeth in a day. It consists of a pre-manufactured titanium bar and 3 implant posts. With no need for temporary prosthetics, patients can receive definitive teeth on the day of surgery, which saves substantial time for the doctors, the lab, and the patient. By using this simplified restorative workflow, fewer appointments are needed compared to conventional treatments.

It takes the concept of a standard full-arch restoration procedure and incorporates a unique fixation mechanism, which can adjust to the ideal implant position. This makes it possible to produce and place the fixed prosthesis on the same day as surgery, as opposed to the typical series of appointments that a patient must have using a temporary prosthesis.

At Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery, we stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental implant and oral surgery technologies. To learn more about the revolutionary Trefoil system and how it can provide you with a new smile in a day, contact us to schedule an appointment.

You can read more about Trefoil on the Nobel Biocare website.