About the Study Club

Drs. Zarrinkelk and Siavash are the directors of the Channel Islands Dental Forum affiliate of the Seattle Study Club, which is dedicated to the advancement of its members' careers and lives. The forum is comprised of like-minded dentists who are committed to lifelong learning. The purpose of this forum is to create an environment of communication where dental professionals can share ideas, discuss technological advancements and theories, as well as further their education and understanding of the evolving field of dentistry. The club meets monthly for activities that are educational and fun. You can view the schedule on our calendar below. If you are interested in learning more or would like to join the Channel Islands Dental Forum, please email [email protected]. Visit our Facebook page for more information, to view photos and videos, and to learn about other forum members in the community.

Study Club Contact

If you'd like more information about our study club or would like to contact us to learn more about it, please fill out this form!