Dr. Hooman Zarrinkelk and Dr. Hessam Siavash of Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery treat patients of all ages at their state-of-the-art practices in Ventura and Ojai, CA. As trusted doctors who treat each patient with the care and respect they deserve, Drs. Zarrinkelk and Siavash are committed to providing oral and maxillofacial surgery services for their patients, such as dental implant placement, wisdom tooth extraction, general tooth extraction, All-On-4® treatment, jaw surgery, oral pathology diagnosis and treatment, pediatric oral surgery, and more.

From simple treatments to complex procedures, every patient receives a customized treatment plan. While we make sure to go over individual plans for treatment in person, our website includes valuable information about us and our services, which we encourage every patient to explore. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to meeting you.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a permanent and complete tooth replacement solution that can restore oral health and function—not to mention, many patients love to smile after they receive their new dental implants!

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Learn about dental implants at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Removal

It's recommended that wisdom teeth are removed early before they can cause a host of oral health complications, such as impaction or infection.

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Learn about wisdom teeth at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

All-On-4 Treatment Concept

An entire upper or lower arch of teeth can be beautifully and permanently restored using as few as four dental implant posts.

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Learn about full-arch restoration at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery


The Trefoil system is a full-arch restoration procedure that utilizes self-adjusting mechanisms and only 3 implant posts to fully restore a smile.

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Learn about Trefoil™ at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Tooth Extraction

While it is usually preferable to have all of the natural teeth remain in the mouth, it is sometimes in the best interest of the patient to remove one or more teeth to improve oral health.

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Learn about tooth extraction at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Bone and tissue grafting

Sufficient bone and gum tissue is important to your oral health. Learn about your options to restore what has been lost.

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Learn about bone grafting at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Expose & Bond

Since canine teeth are very important to the bite, alignment, and function of the mouth, extra measures are taken to help the tooth come into its proper position.

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Learn about expose & bond at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Jaw surgery

The alignment of the jaw impacts the function of the bite, breathing, speaking, facial balance, and more. Corrective jaw surgery repositions the jaw into alignment for optimal function and aesthetics.

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Learn about orthognathic surgery at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Tooth Replacement Options

Although implant-based tooth restorations are a specialty of Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery, there are several options to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch of teeth.

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Learn about tooth replacement options at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Oral Pathology

If you have noticed any changes to the way your mouth normally looks and feels, it is recommended to seek an evaluation from an experienced dental health professional.

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Learn about oral pathology at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery


When a tooth needs to be moved but lacks a suitable tooth to act as an anchor, a Temporary Anchorage Device, or TAD, can be placed.

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Learn about Temporary Anchorage Devices at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Facial trauma

Injuries to the face and mouth can happen at any time. Experienced oral surgeons such as Dr. Zarrinkelk and Dr. Siavash can treat facial trauma injuries to restore facial balance while minimizing scarring and complications.

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Learn about facial trauma at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery

If your dentures have started to cause any pain or discomfort despite your dentist’s adjustments, pre-prosthetic surgery may be the solution for you.

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Learn about pre-prosthetic surgery at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Oral surgeons like Dr. Zarrinkelk and Dr. Siavash can evaluate and treat sleep apnea disorders.

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Learn about sleep apnea at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

TMJ disorders

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a prominent joint that is essential to how the jaw moves and functions. A TMJ disorder can be painful and may require surgical correction.

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Learn about TMJ disorders at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Cosmetic procedures

A variety of advanced cosmetic treatments and procedures are offered in a safe and sterile environment to patients who wish to rejuvenate their appearance and restore facial balance.

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Learn about cosmetic procedures at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery

Pediatric oral surgery

Cleft lip & palate repair

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon has specialized understanding of the delicate structures of the face, as well as oral and facial reconstruction.

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Mucocele treatment

A mucocele, also known as a mucous cyst, occurs when a salivary duct has become blocked, most commonly due to some type of trauma to the mouth.

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A frenectomy may be recommended if a tongue or lip tie is affecting an infant’s ability to feed, a mother’s ability to breastfeed, or both.

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