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Facial trauma

Injuries to the face and mouth can happen at any time. Experienced oral surgeons such as Dr. Zarrinkelk and Dr. Siavash can treat facial trauma injuries to restore facial balance while minimizing scarring and complications.

Facial trauma

Treating facial trauma

Highly skilled oral surgeons like Dr. Zarrinkelk and Dr. Siavash have undergone years of training to assess, treat, and restore the delicate facial structure, to optimize healing, and to reduce scarring. Facial injuries can happen anywhere on the face and can range from a minor cut to serious fractures and trauma.

Facial trauma injuries are unexpected and can be extensive in nature. If you have sustained a severe facial trauma injury and/or if it happens after hours, please seek prompt medical treatment at the nearest emergency room.

Dr. Zarrinkelk is on-call at Community Memorial Hospital of San Buenaventura and Ventura County Medical Center.

What types of facial injuries can you treat?

Dr. Zarrinkelk and Dr. Siavash utilize the latest techniques to restore oral health and function while reducing the amount of visible scarring. Common facial trauma injuries include lacerations (cuts), facial fractures, and dental injuries. All of these injuries can vary widely in severity. A severe facial trauma injury should be treated at the nearest emergency room.

If a tooth has been knocked out completely, place it in a container of saliva or whole milk and bring it to our practice. No attempts to sterilize or otherwise clean the tooth should be made. The window of opportunity to save a natural tooth is during the first 30 minutes after the injury has been sustained. Options for tooth replacement, such as a dental implant, will be discussed if the tooth cannot be saved.

The team at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery is here for you. Please call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zarrinkelk or Dr. Siavash.