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All-On-4® Treatment Concept

An entire upper or lower arch of teeth can be beautifully and permanently restored using as few as four dental implant posts.

All-On-4<sup>®</sup> Treatment Concept

Renew your confidence, restore your health.

See how life-changing the All-on-4 treatment concept can be. Learn more about the All-on-4 treatment concept experience and how to get the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

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What is All-On-4?

The All-On-4 treatment concept transforms a smile in as little as one procedure. An entire upper or lower arch of teeth can be beautifully and permanently restored using as few as four dental implant posts.

The All-On-4 procedure involves your oral surgeon surgically placing the dental implants into the jaw bone. Once the surgical procedure has been completed, the healing period begins and will continue over the course of the next several weeks. During this healing period, the titanium dental implant posts will fuse with the jaw bone for a secure foundation. A temporary set of teeth may be placed while the dental implants heal.

Making sure every patient feels safe and comfortable is the highest priority at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery. We offer many options for anesthesia, and will discuss your options during your consultation appointment. Dr. Zarrinkelk and Dr. Siavash are experienced oral surgeons who are highly qualified to safely administer anesthesia. Visit our Anesthesia Options page to learn more about the different types of anesthesia.

All-On-4 is a popular tooth replacement option for patients with severe tooth loss. Patients can enjoy many short and long-term benefits from the All-On-4:

  • Brand-new smile can be achieved in a day
  • Can last a lifetime with the right care
  • Reduced discomfort, swelling, and bruising
  • Preserve jaw bone health
  • Prosthesis is made just for you for the most natural-looking smile possible

Dr. Zarrinkelk and Dr. Siavash perform implant-based tooth replacement, including the All-On-4. Along with our talented and experienced oral surgeons, the entire team at Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for their patients as they work together to improve oral health outcomes. If you are experiencing tooth loss and would like to explore your options for a happier, healthier smile, please contact us to schedule a consultation appointment. We have two offices, located in Ventura and Ojai, for your convenience. We look forward to meeting you.