3D Scanning and Advanced Technology

Advanced technology

At Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery, every treatment plan is designed to be as unique as the patient we create them for. We are committed to improving oral health outcomes and helping our patients feel confident about their smile, all while delivering an outstanding experience. Our practices are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to help us deliver the most precise treatment plans and surgical maps.

3D scanning technology makes it possible to achieve accurate diagnoses and design optimal treatment plans, and is considered an invaluable first step of treatment. 3D scanning provides high-resolution images of your teeth and jaws from several different angles to create a comprehensive and highly accurate image of your condition. Since your condition can be viewed from all different angles we can reduce the risk of any surprises that might arise during surgery. Another benefit of 3D scanning is that it provides less radiation exposure than traditional X-rays.

Most patients are provided with 3D scans during their first visit to our practice.


We use the i-CAT CT scanning machine, which is regarded as the industry standard of cone beam scanning. This technology revolutionizes 3D radiography, and a standard scan is performed in under 10 seconds. This award-winning system can provide images in 2D and 3D, and even 3D reconstructions of the head and maxillofacial areas.

Intraoral scanning

In addition to i-CAT, we also offer intraoral scanning. This safe and easy soft tissue scanner provides us with digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and gums to facilitate implant restorations. These types of scans are very accurate and don’t require impression material to be used in the patient’s mouth.


X-Nav Technologies developed X-Guide™, a revolutionary system that guides implant placement. This dynamic 3D guide technology features live, 360-degree views of drill position and patient anatomy during surgery, allowing our specialists to avoid damaging nerves with added accuracy, precision, and planning.

Benefits of 3D scanning

Your unique condition can be viewed from all angles with 3D scanning, which helps your oral surgeon better understand your diagnosis and create an optimal plan for treatment. Some benefits of 3D scanning include

Greater Ventura Oral & Facial Surgery believe in providing an outstanding oral surgery experience for their patients and have equipped their offices with the latest in 3D scanning technology to create the most accurate and effective treatment plans possible. If you are interested in any of the oral and maxillofacial surgery treatments we offer, please contact our office today.