Zygomatic Implants

What are Zygomatic Implants?

Tooth loss leads to deterioration or atrophy of the jaw bone surrounding teeth. Individuals who have lost their teeth for years often suffer from significant atrophy of their jaws. This atrophy causes lack of support for the dentures. Loose dentures are great cause of discomfort and significant deterioration of quality of life. Furthermore, the sinuses enlarge and occupy a great portion of the jaw mass needed for placement of dental implants. Traditionally, these patients were treated with bone graft reconstruction of the upper jaw prior to implant placement. The bone grafting procedures, represented a significant procedure with associated costs and down-time. Today patients with severe lack of upper jaw are treated in our office without any bone grafts with the use of Zygomatic implants. This is an advanced technique that was developed in Europe. It constitutes an alternative treatment for patients with severe bone atrophy, thus avoiding the use of bone grafts from other parts of the body.

Zygomatic implants differ from conventional implants because they are attached to the body of the zygomatic or cheek bone. They also have different characteristics, such as size, diameter and specific angulations.

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Zygomatic Implant Technique

The use of this technique is an excellent alternative while treating patients who have lost teeth and who have limited bone mass in the maxillary region. For patients, it represents a new hope for treatment and enables the attachment of an upper fixed prosthesis.  The procedure is performed in our office under local anesthesia with mild sedation at times. This procedure is virtually painless and has minimal downtime associated with it. Our patients are always amazed that they are able to function and eat immediately following surgery. In most cases individuals undergoing this procedure are fitted with a fixed dental bridge the day of surgery.

This technique, which is available at our office, represents an alternative for aesthetic, masticatory and functional rehabilitation of patients with severe maxillary bone loss.

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